New York: opening of a gallery dedicated to digital art

The New Information and Communication Technologies combined with all activities, participate in its popularisation. The digital authenticity of artworks thanks to technology is a proof of this. What to discover in the new New York gallery? What is the contribution of the NTF concept? The answers in the rest of this article.

What makes this gallery special

The presentation of its works is done on giant screens and for others projected by appropriate devices. Five different artists have their work shown each day: this is a two-month rotation of 300 talented creators before the date of May 25. Installed in New York for digital works, this gallery is experiencing a rush of collectors every day. Coming from various horizons, they are sure not to see their efforts duplicated. It should be noted that the majority of the presenters (artists) do not have a status in digital creation. This is especially true of photographers, painters and sculptors. This insurance from which artists benefit has led to a boost in their income. But what is the basis for this? The following is more edifying.

The help provided by the NTF

"No Fungible Token" whose English translation is "Non Fungible Token" is designed to attribute true authenticity to virtual objects such as music, photos, videos, images, animations and articles. It provides irreversible protection against any attempts to duplicate or copy artistic works. In the city of Shanghai, on 26 March, the exhibition specially dedicated to the "No Fungible Token" was held. The New York gallery, having based its exhibitions on this secure identification, this choice led to a rush of investment. Some billions have been granted by investors in this context. A move that has boosted the expected revenues. On 11 March, "Every day: The first 5000 days", a digital work, was sold for 69 million 300 thousand dollars.