The economic impact of Covid-19 on the art sector

Like other sectors, the art sector has been severely affected by the pandemic. What can we learn from this situation? What accompanying measures have been put in place to mitigate the effects of the crisis? Elements of answers in this article. You must read that article for knowing more and more.

The Current Situation in This Sector

Galleries and museums are very much affected. The gatherings banned by the authorities and then the long periods covered by the lockdown have caused serious drops in revenue. Several art exhibitions have been cancelled: the one in St Georges planned between May (24) and June (14) which was an opportunity for sculptors from around the world to meet. Also the "Foire Papier" scheduled to be held in Montreal in April was postponed. In short, many other popular fairs, some of which required huge investments for their preparation, were cancelled. What is certain is that the financial losses will be amplified by a drop in visits due to the cessation of tourism-related activities. What are the measures taken by the institutions and actors affected to adapt to this?

Digital technology at the service of art

Web sites allow art lovers to contact gallery owners for the discovery of new works and to participate in Assizes. Mobile applications are developed to allow a virtual discovery of artworks from home to bypass the confinement. The "International Art Film Festival" was held on the "Vimeo" platform. The "Musée Nationale of Beaux-art du Québec," offers the possibility to visit its rooms virtually. The "Conseil of Arts du Québec" has set up a fund to help artists. In addition, this council has created mail addresses and forms to receive requests from artists. Today, there are so many web sites for helping the tourists since their home. Thus you can visit those web sites.