Discontent of Paris art gallery promoters: what to know about it?

Faced with a second wave of contamination, the French state has decided to close down some of the most prominent art venues again. But what has the closure of the Paris art galleries generated? What are the reactions of people deprived of their source of income? More edification in the rest of this article.

The reasons for this government decision

The art sector, with its many branches has not been spared the effects related to the outbreak of the corona virus. The majority of art exhibition galleries are located in the French capital. However, in the fight against the spread of the pandemic, the State has ordered their closure in Paris. Indeed, a second wave of contamination has forced the authorities to impose a lockdown in several regions of the country. In addition, the houses where sales are held remain functional to the detriment of the galleries. Sellers in the appropriate locations have called for the continued use of their homes via messages. This discrimination has provoked strong reactions from the authors of these galleries. Especially since the two parties are involved in a tough competition. What then, were their reactions?

The indignation of the actors involved

In the previous months, a remarkable rush was observed at the level of the galleries of the capital. But the State decided to close them to avoid gatherings that could induce massive contamination. Opened on the 20th of this month, the head of the CVV, in other words "Council of Voluntary Sales", affirmed that their houses remained open in the zones of strict respect of the measures against the propagation of the virus. An assertion that their direct competitor did not digest. Thus the CPGA, i.e. "Comité Professionnel des Galeries d'Art," speaks of discrimination. Revolted by this decision of their discriminatory point of view, they have by the voice of their president Mr. Marion Papillon, this organisation made known its discontent towards the ministry of supervision. This is in order to benefit from the same treatment as the houses where various objects are sold.